Introducing Marketdroplet point of sale.

Get the retail advantage with Marketdroplet’s smart point of sale, and inventory management system. Effortlessly sell, manage, report and grow in every way.

Sales reporting and analytics

Set up employee permissions

Sell faster with a search-based point of sale

Create customer profiles with every sale

  • Google Play

Take care of your items from one central location

Track, adjust, and transfer inventory

Refunds, taxes, tipping, and discounts

Digital and printed receipts


Everything you need in one spot

Sell more, save more, make more all right in your Marketdroplet POS and Dashboard. Access everything, anytime, anywhere in the cloud. It even works offline.

"Marketdroplet helped me monitor and track my inventory effectively. Tried other software, but this did the trick for me."

  • Jane, Spark Store

Instant Notifications

Stop losing sales on your expired and out-of-stock items!.

Get instant email alerts and push notifications

Receive daily push notification and email alerts on your device(s) telling you if any of your products are close to expiring or running out of stock. You also get notified on how much you have sold so far for the day.


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How Jane a store owner like you solved her poor sales and inventory problems using Marketdroplet Point of Sale.

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