Customer Directory

Smart customer management that leads to better customer relationships.

All contacts, one location

You’re already using Marketdroplet to run your business—now you can manage and track vital customer information in the same place.

Understand your customers

Know which customer is buying more and which customer comes back frequently.

Syncs with Marketdroplet products

Download and put your customer information to work. Use your Customer Directory to send email, make appointments, or send invoices.

Instant profiles

Marketdroplet helps you build your Directory by automatically adding key customer information.

Add to your customer list—right at the point of sale.

Marketdroplet Customer Directory stores vital customer information, so you can better serve your customers. Manually add a customer’s details right at the point of sale. Access your information anytime, anywhere via the Marketdroplet Point of Sale app or in your Marketdroplet Dashboard.